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TUTORIAL #3 v1.00

T-stop Tutorial by Scott Weintraub (


In-line skating can be a safe sport, provided that you wear safety-gear and skate within your ability. Neither Scott Weintraub nor the maintainers of this FAQ take any responsibility for any injuries you may incur while attempting any of these moves.

Additionally, these pictures are the property of Scott Weintraub ( Copying them for your own use requires his prior permission.

See all the pics in sequence.


T-stopping isn't so much a stop as it is a technique for controlling your speed. If you're descending a hill at a high speed, you can use the t-stop to slow yourself down a little. You can use the t-stop until you've come to a complete standstill but it's most efficient use is speed reduction.

The concept is simple. Take one of your feet (whichever one you feel most comfortable with) and drag it behind you, perpendicular to your other skate and to the direction you are travelling in.

When you're first starting out, you won't feel stable and you may not be able to hold a t-stop for very long. It will help if you put the least amount of weight possible on the foot you're dragging. Try to make it weightless. Put everything on your front foot and bend your knees. As you become more stable while t-stopping, you can add a little pressure to the foot you're dragging and as a result, slow yourself down more quickly.

I must also take the time to warn you that t-stopping is perhaps the fastest way to wear down a set of wheels. If you are interested in getting the most life out of your wheels, it would be in your best interest to use the t-stop conservatively. Also, remember that if you t-stop, the wheels on the foot you drag are going to wear a lot more than the wheels on your other skate. This means that when you sit down to rotate, you should probably also switch all four wheels from skate to skate in order to even the wear out.

GIF #1, GIF #2, and GIF #3 are all of me t-stopping from different angles. They should give you an idea of what it will look like.

Have fun. Always wear protection.

_Questions, comments, etc, can all be addressed to me, Scott Weintraub, at

Camerawork by Jody Lupo.

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