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Skate FAQs: Clubs and Organizations

Skating Clubs & Organizations

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This section of the FAQ is a list of skating organizations and clubs. If you don't see your local club in here, please send in as much info about it as you can to me. Thanks.

Table of Contents

Inline Skating Organizations

International In-line Skating Association (IISA)
3720 Farragut Ave. Ste 400
Kensington, MD 20895
(301) 942-9770
1-800-56-SKATE (call for a free Gear Up! Guide to Inline Skating)


Roller Hockey International
[Day-to-day office]
5182 Katella Ave., Suite 106
Los Alamitos, CA 90720
310 430 2423
310 431 2928 fax

[Executive office]
13070 Fawn Hill Drive
Grass Valley, CA 95945
916 274 0923
916 274 1115 fax

USA Hockey Inline
4965 North 30th Street
Colorado Springs, CO 80919
(719) 599-5500


Note: the National Inline Hockey Association (NIHA) was acquired by the USA Hockey Inline organization.

World Roller Hockey League
6358 N. College Avenue
Indianapolis, IN 46220
317 283 2900


The Canadian In-Line and Roller Skating Association (CIRSA)

Metro Toronto & Region Roller Hockey League (MTRRHL)

Britian Inline Skating Assoc. (BISA)

Sfskaters (San Francisco) FAQ

California Outdoor Rollerskating Association (CORA)

U.S. Inline Figure Skating Federation (USIFSF) (moved?)

Skating Clubs



Name: Birmingham Inline Group (BIG)
Location: Birmingham,AL
Contact/Phone: Casey Beasley (205) 942-0943 or (205) 999-0645, John Bartlett (205) 822-2907, Phillip Whitlow (email), Dano Loudon (email)
Type of Skating: We have groups that participate in almost every type of skating: recreation, aggro, distance, street, speed, etc. Skill levels range from first-time beginners to sponsored pros.
Description: Locations vary depending on the type of skate. Our only requirements are that skaters under the age of 18 MUST wear a helmet (it's the law) and that anyone participating in one of our night skates must wear some form of reflective material. However, full protective gear is HIGHLY recommended for everyone. Annual dues will be required to receive full club benefits (amount as yet undetermined), but everyone is welcome to skate with us at any time.


Name: The Tucson Sk8 Club
Location: Tucson,AZ
Contact/Phone: Ed Wachter: 520-744-3792
Description: This club has been meeting (and growing) for several months and rotates Sunday evening meetings between a couple of Tucson's river parks and the main city park (Reid).

Name: Valley Inline Association
Location: Tempe,AZ
Contact/Phone: Ray Pisar 602-831-2166

Name: Predator Speed Skate Club
Location: Phoenix,AZ
Contact/Phone: (602)942-4156
Description: Predator Speed incompases the majority of speed skaters in the state. The first and largest club in Arizona. Practices run every Tues-Thurs. nights, 7-9pm on a huge, flat, yet smooth private parking lot, sponsored by Castles-n-Coasters. Structured with drills, sprints, starts, technigue and more!Sunday mornings, join Predator and other Teams in Ahwatukee, Phoenix, for the long distance training with hills!


Name: Roller Divas Women's Skating Club
Location: San Francisco,CA
Contact/Phone: Kelly McCown 415/665-0336

Name: Humbolt In-line Skate Club
Location: Arcata,CA
Contact/Phone: Don Hoch 707-826-1769

Name: In-line Rollerworks
Location: Costa Mesa,CA
Contact/Phone: Kon Ammosow 714-675-6772

Name: San Diego Skate Coalition
Location: San Diego,CA
Contact/Phone: Skate Coalition Hotline (619/544-4553)
Description: The San Diego Friday Night Skate usually starts at Belmont Park in Mission Beach at 7 PM. You can also call the Skate Coalition Hotline (619/544-4553) to confirm the meeting times and places or to hear about new events.

Name: Sacramento Coalition of Inline Skaters
Location: Sacramento,CA

Name: Chico Skate Club
Location: Chico,CA
Contact/Phone: D. McGee 916-672-3124 or 622-5809

Name: Santa Rosa Inline Club
Location: Santa Rosa,CA
Contact/Phone: Chartelle Tarrant 707-538-2823

Name: El Dorado In-line Skating Association
Location: El Dorado,CA
Contact/Phone: Scott Johnson 916-672-3124 or 622-5809

Name: Nor-Cal Skeelers
Location: Modesto,CA
Contact/Phone: Rick Babington 209-524-7928 or 521-6816

Name: Southern California Rollerskating/In-Line Promotions (SCRIP)
Location: San Diego,CA
Contact/Phone: 619-697-7617
Fax: 619-697-7617

Name: Westside Sports Club / Westwood Ski Club
Location: Los Angeles,CA
Contact/Phone: Scott Peer 818-500-0488
Type of Skating: Skates and gates, inline slalom racing and training

Name: Golden Gate Skate Patrol
Location: San Francisco,CA
Contact/Phone: David Miles 415-752-1967

Name: Silver Streaks
Location: Los Gatos,CA
Contact/Phone: L. Hackett 408-354-5605

Name: Group 7 Rollerblade Association
Location: San Diego/Mission Beach,CA
Contact/Phone: C. Woodruff 619-284-4226

Name: California Outdoor Rollerskating Association
Location: San Francisco,CA
Contact/Phone: 415-752-1967

Name: Southern California Speedskaters
Location: Manhattan Beach,CA
Contact/Phone: 213-545-6969

Name: Bay Area Inline Racers (BAIR)
Location: Menlo Park,CA
Contact/Phone: Lee/Carol 415-244-9800

Name: Team Karim
Location: Berkeley,CA
Contact/Phone: Adlai Karim 510-849-4004


Name: New River Rollers
Location: Fort Lauderdale,FL
Contact/Phone: 305-963-2653

Name: Hollywood Beach Skating Club
Location: Hollywood Beach,FL
Contact/Phone: Mike Martocchio 305-927-0100

Name: Pro Skate Gear Team
Location: Pompano Beach,FL
Contact/Phone: 305-782-1249

Name: Sarasota/Bradenton Skate Club
Location: Sarasota/Bradenton,FL
Contact/Phone: Flamingo Coast at (813)388-1889, Boon Brown at (813) 749-7075
Description: Sarasota and Bradenton Skaters, come skate with us every weekend. Roller Coasters Inline Skating Club may seem like a lame name, but it's not a lame group. Whether you're a beginner, novice, aggressive or recreational skater, this group of skaters has fun. Some work on some serious aggressive skating to the point of looking at building vert ramps and rails. Others skate with the group to increase skills, meet other skaters (many adult singles), have fun, exercise and to socialize. We even have some hockey skaters in our group who are involved in some great local leagues. We skate a different area every weekend (some night skates), as well as host trips to Tampa and St. Pete. We are sponsered by Flamingo Coast (RollerBlade Sales and Rentals) on St. Armands Circle, who gives us discounts on equipment. We have our own instructor who hosts lessons for beginners and novices every two weeks as well as private lessons weekly.

Name: Miami Inline Skate Club, Inc.
Location: Miami,FL
Contact/Phone: 305-893-4955

Name: Tampa Bay Road Rollers
Location: Tampa Bay,FL
Contact/Phone: B. Fussell 813-734-1849

Name: Trailways/Pinellas Trail
Location: Clearwater,FL
Contact/Phone: T. Selhorst 813-461-9736

Name: Southernmost Hockey Club
Location: Key West,FL
Contact/Phone: E. J. Cuneo (305) 296-1736
Type of Skating: Public Skate: Friday 6:30p-8:30p (Family) 8:30 on Adult Pick Up Games: Sunday 9:00am. All Events at the Rink on Bertha Street
Description: Description: The Southernmost Hockey Club is an orginization who promotes the fun and fast paced sport of Hockey. It runs youth and adult in-line hockey leagues and is a member of the NIHA (National Inline Hockey Assoc.). The Southernmost Hockey Club is also a promoter of safe in-line skating. Besides league activities, the club hosts Friday Night Skate Night, when the sticks are put away, and the public is invited to come out and skate at the rink (no pot-holes or cars to dodge). Other activities include skating and hockey oriented fund raisers and skill clinics. The Southernmost Hockey Club is interested in putting together a travel team, as well as hosting teams from out of town.

Name: Beach Bladers Of Southern Florida
Location: Delray,FL
Contact/Phone: 561-347-6533

Name: Tallahassee Roller Hockey
Location: Tallahassee,FL
Type of Skating: Rollerhockey, all levels (adults)
Description: Skate Inn East (now called Skate World), on 2563 Capital Circle NE (near the Scan Haus) twice a week at Tuesday/Thursday 10:00-1:00. The amateur league (which will be affiliated with USA Inline Hockey League, I think) will be starting this fall (1996), but the ranks of the usual folks were recently raided by FSU starting up a team, so they are trying to build membership for the fall.

There is a $22 annual membership that provides insurance. It's optional, but it gives you a $2 discount off of the $7 pick-up game fee. You can also pay $45 at the beginning of each month (for the game fees). It is also co-ed and they do have some women playing.

Name: Central Florida Trail Bladers
Location: Orlando,FL
Contact/Phone: Jennings Ford (407) 898-8508
Type of Skating: 140 web site members, 30 active skaters. We are a inline recreational, fitness, speed, urban skate group


Name: Skate Atlanta
Location: Atlanta,GA
Contact/Phone: 404-859-0605

Name: Atlanta Peachtree RoadRollers
Location: Atlanta,GA
Contact/Phone: Henry Zuver (404) 634-9032
Type of Skating: street, mixed levels of expertise.
Description: Meet in Rio parking lot - skate through various neighborhoods, downtown Atlanta Rio - Intersection of North Ave. and Piedmont in Atlanta Mondays: All levels skate, Wednesdays: Intermeidate-Expert Sundays: 32 mile endurance skate

Name: GT Speed
Location: Cumming,GA
Contact/Phone: 770-88SKATE
Type of Skating: Speed skating
Description: There is an inline indoor speed club in Cumming, GA, an Atlanta surburb. It is coached by David Downing,and is a USAC santioned club with elite and Junior Olympic skating. They practice indoors and outdoors. Derrick Downing, 1995 World Team member and gold medal winner is his son. The club has all ages from 3 to Masters. The phone number is 770-88SKATE. The club skates indoors and outdoor meets all year. It is a very active club with many chances to compete during the year. A skater can call the rink at the above phone # or e-mail me


Name: Hawaii Inline Skating Association
Location: Honolulu,HI
Contact/Phone: Ginny Hench (808) 956-6547, President c/o The Wheel Thing at (808) 48-SKATE
Description: We are the only In-Line skating club for several thousand miles in any direction, based in Honolulu, Hawai'i. We welcome visitors to the islands. Look for us at Kaka'ako Waterfront Park.


Name: River City Rollers
Location: Sioux City,IA
Contact/Phone: D. Martin 712-252-2445

Name: Baltimore Street Skaters
Location: Timonium,IA
Contact/Phone: Hal Ashman 410-666-9463


Name: Windy City Flyers
Location: Barrington,IL
Contact/Phone: 708-304-7866

Name: Chicago Land Bladers
Location: Chicago,IL
Contact/Phone: Randy McManigal 708-597-5686

Name: blades@uiuc
Location: Champaign-Urbana,IL
Type of Skating: Street Skating, Hockey, Distance, and Casual Skating. We play hockey a couple of times a week. Most every night, we can be seen playing tag on the quad. Some people go fast some go slow. We are a diverse group of skaters.

We have all skill levels.. our goal is to educate people to become better skaters, while we work on improving our skills. We combine all levels of skating, resulting in fun for everybody.
Description: We can be found at Assembly Hall playing hockey, the main quad playing tag. Or on the internet in our mailing list (finger for more information)

Safety is strongly encouraged, however we do not _require_ any protection. You must use your brain and you must have fun.

Name: Jacksonville In-liners
Location: Jacksonville,IL
Contact/Phone: George Jaworski 217-243-4427

Name: Rainbo Rollers
Location: Chicago,IL
Contact/Phone: 312-775-4681

Name: Village Cyclesport
Location: Elk Grove Village,IL
Contact/Phone: 708-439-3340


Name: Indy In-liners
Location: Indianapolis,IN
Contact/Phone: Terry Sullivan 317-574-Club

Name: Club Shred
Location: South Bend,IN
Contact/Phone: 219-271-8858

Name: South Bend Club
Location: South Bend,IN
Contact/Phone: 219-288-0042


Name: InLine Club of Boston
Location: ,MA
Contact/Phone: Damon Poole, 617-734-1296
Description: The InLine Club of Boston is over 500 members strong. We provide a host of diverse events and activities geared toward all levels of skaters. We have group skates, basic technique and racing clinics, races, stunt competitions, slalom competitions, trips, parties and more. Annual dues are $25 and with that you get a t-shirt, a 1-year subscription to our newsletter, The Bearing, discounts at local retailers, and discounts to all of our events.

The ICB's night skates are on Tuesdays at 8:00. We meet in front of Trinity Church in Copley Square. The group you saw on Wednesday night was Boston's "unofficial" nite skate that meets Mon and Wed. nites. It's a more aggressive skate than the ICB's...also a lot of fun.

We will have Sled Dogs nite skates at Wachusett Mountain all winter long. If you would like more information on the ICB, call our hotline at 932-5457 (WE-B-KIKS) or pick up an application and newsletter at one of our supporters. I suggest Eric Flaim's Motion Sports on Newbury Street.


Name: Rails
Location: Annapolis,MD
Contact/Phone: Johnny Clougher 410-268-7885


Name: Michigan Inline Skating Assoc.
Location: Oak Park,MI
Contact/Phone: 313-861-0026

Name: Straits & 8
Location: Detroit,MI
Contact/Phone: D. Cooper 313-562-6104

Name: Ann-Arbor Inline Skate Club
Location: Ann-Arbor,MI
Contact/Phone: Cindy Hufnagel 313-663-9515 or 994-4393

Name: Team Extreme
Location: Dearborn,MI
Contact/Phone: Frank Fedel 313-292-6283

Name: City Rollers
Location: Grosse Pt.,MI
Contact/Phone: Mark Famen 313-824-0011

Name: W. Miss Club
Location: Farmington Hills,MI
Contact/Phone: B. Sklar 313-855-4267


Name: Inline Midwest
Location: Bloomington,MN
Contact/Phone: 612-822-6840

Name: Northern Inline Skaters
Location: Duluth,MN
Contact/Phone: 218-722-0106


Name: St. Louis Inline Skating Assoc.
Location: St. Louis,MO
Contact/Phone: Gregory Issiff 314-427-5963

Name: NMSU Bulldog Roller Hockey
Location: Kirksville,MO
Contact/Phone: Kevin Joseph (816) 785-5146
Type of Skating: Rollerhockey
Description: We play as a club twice a week (Tues 3-5, Fri 3-6), and also operate a team for intercollegiate play (our first games in club history are Feb 25 and 26 in Maryville, Missouri, against Northwest Missouri State's club). This is our first semester of true organized activity. Our club dues for this semester were $5, plus for tryouts, we had a 'tryout fee' of $5, so that we could pay for rink time for our games. (BTW, NMSU is located in Kirksville, Missouri.) Our intercollegate games, as well as a session on Tuesday nights (9-11 or 9-12, depending), are in Macon, Missouri, 30 miles south of Kirksville, at Don's Skate Center, on Hwy 63.

North Carolina

Name: Triangle Skating Club
Location: Research Triangle Park,NC
Contact/Phone: Skating Connection 24 hour recorded information (919) 460-0964
Type of Skating: Recreation/competitive club, speed, marathon, distance, freestyle, tricks, distance, fun. Trips and social activities. Mostly intermediate level skates. Beginner clinics every so often.
Description: Meeting Place: Park & Ride next to the Governor's Inn. Exit 280 off I-40. Parking lot is across from NCNB.

Name: Charlotte Blade Rollerz
Location: Charlotte,NC
Contact/Phone: Dailene Erickson 704-875-2585
Type of Skating: Speed skating, distance skating, some street. Type of skate: mostly speed and distance (12-25 miles per skate), very hilly- beautiful neighborhoods. Occasional downtown skate- stair bashing, rail sliding, etc. Mostly intermediate to advanced skaters. Beginner sessions available through the local skate shops.
Description: The club meets at the corner of South Blvd and Tremont at 6pm on Sundays. There is a beginner skate on Wednesdays at 6-8pm at Alpine Ski Center (1501 East Blvd).


Name: Linc-In-Liners
Location: Lincoln,NE
Contact/Phone: Tom Winter (402) 488-9238
Type of Skating: Skate tours: Sundays at 1:30 starting from Antelope Park in Lincoln Saturdays starting at 1 from Peter Pan Park. Most members are speedskaters/long distance cruisers, but the Saturday group is mostly converted ice figure-skaters who want to work on flat-land tricks.

Monthly meetings: 7:00 p.m.first Mondays at Gere Public Library.

New Jersey

Name: Bladerunners
Location: Lamberville,NJ
Contact/Phone: B. Haugen 609-397-3366

Name: Team Montvale
Location: Montvale,NJ
Contact/Phone: Mike Curran 201-337-4988

Name: Golden State SS Club
Location: Roselle Park,NJ
Contact/Phone: 408-241-2590

Name: Landskaters Club
Location: Collingswood,NJ
Contact/Phone: 609-854-7774

Name: Midlantic Inline Racing Team
Location: Moorsetown,NJ
Contact/Phone: D. DiBlasio or "Buggy" Almont 609-235-7513 or 215-537-1692

New York

Name: Long Island Road and Track Skating Association (LIRTSA)
Location: North Massapequa,NY
Contact/Phone: 516-868-2160
Description: LIRTSA P.O. Box 1971 North Massapequa, New York 11758

Name: Manhattan Metro Rollers
Location: Manhattan,NY
Contact/Phone: G. Harris: 212-861-1818, P. Eads: 718-278-2386

Name: National Inline Basketball League (NIBBL)
Location: New York City,NY
Contact/Phone: Tom LaGarde 212 336 7831

Name: NY Inline/Ice Association
Location: Ballston Spa,NY
Contact/Phone: 518-885-6487

Name: Empire Skate Club of New York
Location: New York,NY
Contact/Phone: 212-774-1774

Name: Inline Groove
Location: Syracuse,NY
Contact/Phone: 315-446-2057

Name: Inline On Long Island
Location: Bohemia,NY
Contact/Phone: 516-244-0445

Name: Skaters In The Village
Location: New York City,NY
Contact/Phone: Ray Johnson: 201-420-0762,V. Welch: 718-528-9199

Name: Rochester Inline Skating Club (RISC)
Location: Rochester,NY
Contact/Phone: Greg Mendelsohn
Type of Skating: Recreational, some street, racing, distance (normally 10 to 15 miles), beginner to advances and every where in between
Description: 2 Weekly skates provide club members chances to tune and refine skating skills, race, socialize and just have fun. We meet at a variety of locations in the greater Rochester NY area every Wed night and Sun morning.

Name: Capital District Speedskating Club
Location: West Coxsackie ,NY
Contact/Phone: Liz Marchese 518-731-6614

New South Wales

Name: Sydney Bladers
Location: Sydney,New South WalesAustralia
Description: City Skate meets every Wednesday (weather permitting) at the Palace Gates outside the Botanical Gardens on Macquarie Street. We meet at about 8:30 pm or so and leave at about 8:34 pm. The skate usually lasts about 2 hours.

Name: The Sydney City Skate
Location: Sydney,New South WalesAustralia
Email: brendan@unsw.EDU.AU
Description: a regular weekly skate (in-line) organised by the people at Bondi Boards & Blades. We meet outside the McDonalds at Circular Quay _every_ Wednesday night at 7:00pm. The skate generally lasts for about two hours covering around 20-25 Km's (12-15 mi). We go over the Harbour Bridge for a speed run, and then skate around town along a varying route that regularly covers places like the Opera House, Darling Harbour, Botanic Gardens, Mrs Macquarie's Chair, Sydney Uni, Kings Cross and other notable spots.


Name: Cincinnati Blade Brigade
Location: ,OH
Contact/Phone: (513)-852-0898
Type of Skating: Cincinnati's only inline skating club! Our club is open to all, beginners to advanced, street skaters to speed skaters.


Name: Ottawa Pacer's Speed Skating Club
Location: Ottawa,OntarioCanada
Contact/Phone: Greg Franks (613) 726-9594
Type of Skating: Speed Skating (Short & Long track), Adult and Children. Type of skate: Short and Long Track speed skating All levels. We have three time slots: Children learning to skate, Competitive Skaters, and Adult recreational.
Description: Indoor: Dulude Arena, Ottawa, ON. Outdoor: Brewer Park (Natural Ice oval) Outdoor: Rideau Canal (winter obviously - 7km continuous ice)

Name: Toronto Inline Skating Club
Location: Toronto,OntarioCanada
Contact/Phone: 905 822 2100

Name: The Forest City Rollers
Location: London,OntarioCanada
Contact/Phone: Keith O. Gare, (519) 679-0428
Type of Skating:
Description: The club provides a safe, social and fun atmosphere for novice to experienced skaters. The club provides guided skates through the city of London, Ontario and exposes skaters to sidewalk, roadway and trail environments. By stressing "rules of the road", "trail etiquette", and common sense approaches to skating, it also works toward promoting a healthy and positive skating environment

The club skates various routes and covers approximately 12K on each outing. The club skates at a comfortable pace for all skaters and regroups regularly. We watch out for each other and adjust the route for any member that may have problems with any part (ie steep hills or an injured member). The club also provides an organized body to approach adminstration or politicians about issues involving inline skating and skaters' rights.


Name: Pittsburgh Inline Skating Club (PISC)
Location: Pittsburgh,PA
Contact/Phone: Amy Krut (412) 885-2233
Type of Skating: All aspects of inline skating, all skill levels.

Name: Greater Pittsburgh Unified Speedskating Club
Location: Pittsburgh,PA
Contact/Phone: Bob Halden (412) 744-0037, Wade Smith (412) 241-5967
Type of Skating: Short Track (ice) speedskating. All levels.
Description: Meet at Golden Mile Ice Arena, Monroeville, PA . Must wear helmet. Currently $10/session, but varies with club finances

Name: Landskaters Inline Skate Club
Location: Philadelphia,PA


Name: Tazmahal
Location: Montreal,Quebec
Description: Tazmahal is an inline skating and skateboarding club in Montreal. Our web page is finally up.


Name: Roller Hockey Sport Club of SWT
Location: San Marcos,TX
Contact/Phone: Mike Moore 512-392-0858
Type of Skating: Hockey, all levels, but mostly beginners.
Description: Hockey, Tuesday and Wednesday nights, 7-9pm at Jowers, Gym 221 , Southwest Texas State University, San Marcos, TX


Name: Washington in-line Skating Association
Location: ,WA
Contact/Phone: 206-298-3674

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