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Skate FAQs: NIHA Information


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About the National In-Line Hockey Association (NIHA)

From: Michael J. Chow
Communications Coordinator, NIHA

                National In-Line Hockey Association(NIHA)
                     Mission Statement and Mandate
        The purpose of the National In-Line Hockey Association is to
        foster the development and growth of recreational in-line
        (roller) hockey and to effectively serve NIHA members and
        The NIHA provides opportunities for players of all ages, both
        male and female, to become involved. There are leagues for
        adults, teens and a special youth program for very young
        Advanced, intermediate, and beginner leagues, to accommodate a
        variety of skill levels, exist in many communities across
        Canada and the United States. Leagues specifically for female
        players continue to develop.
                            History of the NIHA
        The National In-Line Hockey Association was founded in July
        1992, to provide a foundation and organizational structure for
        everyone interested in recreational in-line(roller)hockey.
        The head office of the NIHA is located in Miami, Florida, with
        regional offices in Newport Beach, California and Minneapolis,
        In April, 1994, the NIHA opened its Canadian head office in
        Edmonton, Alberta.
        International affiliations with Mexico, Puerto Rico, Japan and
        Europe are in rapid development.
        The NIHA promotes the safe, fun, non-contact game of in-line
        hockey through a wide variety of programs and services. Anyone
        wanting to become involved with the sport will find the NIHA a
                             What the NIHA Offers
        All in-line hockey players and enthusiasts are invited to join
        the National In-Line Hockey Association and participate in the
        fun and excitement of community-based, recreational in-line
        Since its inception in July, 1992, the NIHA has existed as a
        grassroots, membership-driven organization. In-Line(Roller)
        hockey players, league managers and venue operators from all
        across Canada and the United States come together under the
        NIHA banner. All NIHA-sanctioned leagues comply with
        standardized rules and regulations designed to insure safe
        play and fair competition.
        The NIHA is proud to have the support from the leading
        companies of the in-line hockey industry. By fostering dialog
        between players and manufacturers, the NIHA helps keep the
        industry focused on the needs of recreational in-line hockey
        A full-time NIHA staff serves members, sponsors and in-line
        hockey enthusiasts from its headquarters in Miami, FL,
        regional offices in Minneapolis, MN and Newport Beach, CA and
        Canadian headquarters in Edmonton, Alberta.
        Each state/province has a league coordinator to facilitate
        league development and increase the awareness and popularity
        of recreational in-line hockey.
        As the sport continues to grow, NIHA membership expands at an
        impressive pace. By the end of 1995 it is anticipated that
        NIHA membership will exceed 50 000. To foster that growth,
        each state/province has a State/Provincial Coordinator who is
        readily available to assist in league development, tournaments
        and special events.
        Members can inquire about league information, tournaments or
        any recreational in-line hockey activity through the toll-free
        NIHA information lines. Full-time staff is available to assist
        members of the media who desire information related to in-line
        hockey. In Canada, dial 1-800-668-NIHA or (403)455-6442 (Edmonton).
        In the United States, dial 1-800-358-NIHA.
        One of the most valuable resources that the NIHA provides is a
        comprehensive risk management program. Standardized rules,
        venue and league sanctioning, referee and coach certification
        and an affordable insurance program for league operators and
        members, all play a part in building a safe, fun sport.
        Last updated 21, March, 95 by Michael J. Chow

National In-Line Hockey Association(NIHA) Membership Who Can Join Anyone who is interested in participating in recreational in- line (roller) hockey at a grass-roots level is encouraged to join and become a member of the NIHA. If you are interested in starting up your own league, the NIHA exists to offer comprehensive assistance in the organization and running of youth and/or adult leagues. If you are interested in becoming a player, coach, or referee, the NIHA and its member leagues offer opportunities for adults and youth, males and females, and beginner to advanced players to experience the fastest growing recreational sport in North America. Leagues all across Canada and the United States are being organized and, in turn, are creating the excitement associated with taking part in non-contact in-line (roller) hockey. Each Member League Receives After joining as a Member League/League Manager with the NIHA each league/manager will receive: -a NIHA banner for the facility -promotional/information brochures specific to each League -a Winning In-Line Hockey training video -our local Provincial League Coordinator may assist with an introductory clinic -sanctioning documents for each site -liability insurance coverage for the league -administrative computer software to organize rosters, schedules, statistics and equipment -referee certification material and examination -assistance in coaching certification -a listing of local retailers and national sponsors that may participate in helping you with the league -personalized membership registration forms -a US Amateur travel discount card for the league manager -official NIHA game sheets -toll free assistance at 1-800-668-NIHA Each Member Receives After becoming a member of the NIHA you will receive: -in 1995 each member will have the opportunity to play in an elimination series for the National Championships to take place in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA -a personalized membership card -official NIHA rulebook -coupons for purchase discounts from major In-Line manufacturers -custom NIHA embroidered crest -sport stickers -comprehensive liability insurance -dental accident insurance -a personalized copy of the official NIHA magazine every three months -discount possibilities with Preferred NIHA Retailers Player Membership Fees The cost to become a member of the NIHA is: -Youth (Under 18) - $25.00 -Adult - $30.00 (Look to the **Each Member Receives** Category to find out about all the benefits one receives by becoming a member of the NIHA.) League Manager Sanctioning Fees All NIHA-sanctioned leagues must operate in venues where the surface is appropriate and play can be conducted in a safe and secure setting. Once the League Manager has located a site(s) to play his/her season and received permission from the landlord or venue owner, he/she will complete NIHA sanctioning documents. A fee of $250.00, due with sanctioning application form, entitles the League Manager to the numerous benefits that will assist in the organization and promotion of his/her league (See **Each Member League Receives** Category). Last updated 21, March, 95 by Michael J. Chow
***NIHA Directory*** Head Office - Miami, Florida, U.S.A Regional Offices - Newport Beach, California, U.S.A. Minneapolis, Minnesota, U.S.A Head Office(Canada)- Edmonton, Alberta, Canada Address: The National In-Line Hockey Association(NIHA) 9th Floor 999 Brickell Avenue Miami, Florida, U.S.A. 33131 Telephone: (800)358-6442 (toll free) (305)358-8988 (local) Fax: (305)358-0046 E-Mail: ***Personnel*** **Mr. Joseph Mireault (NIHA Founder, CEO, and President)** Joe played hockey for 32 years as a youth, in college, and professionally in Europe. He has an extensive background in business and marketing, from the entertainment industry to real estate development. At 40 years of age, he has seen Europe and Asia for a decade, arriving in Miami in 1992. **Mr. Shawn Jones (Executive Director NIHA United States)** Shawn has spent much of his life involved with nearly every level of the hockey industry. In all, he has been a player, coach, director and general manager at both the amateur and professional levels. **Directory** Address: The National In-Line Hockey Association(NIHA) 5th Floor 4400 MacArthur Blvd Newport Beach, California, U.S.A. 92660 Phone: (714)955-4929 Fax: (714)955-7989 E-Mail: ***Personnel*** **Mr. Doug Balog (NIHA Vice-President and Co-founder)** Doug has been involved in youth hockey as a player, coach, tournament director, and sponsor. He has an extensive background as an owner of a commercial real estate company and most recently a major North American real estate franchise operation. A partner with the NIHA, Doug is responsible for media and communications, finances and the National Championships which are being held in Las Vegas in October, 1995. ***Directory*** Address: The National In-Line Hockey Association(NIHA) Suite 2300 821 Marquette Avenue Minneapolis, MN, U.S.A. 55402 Phone: (612)342-2337 (local) (800)809-7465 (toll free) Fax: (612)338-2302 E-Mail: ***Personnel*** **Mr. Robert Naegele, III (NIHA Vice-President & Co-founder)** Bob played collegiate ice hockey at Brown University before starting In-Line Sports Systems, makers of the Border Patrol Rink System. He is extensively involved in the in-line industry and most recently began the Minnesota Metro In-Line Hockey League, which boasted over 700 participants in its first season. Robert is responsible for NIHA merchandising, marketing and serves as a sponsor liaison. ***Directory*** Address: The National In-Line Hockey Association(NIHA) 11810 Kingsway Edmonton, Alberta T5G 0X5 Telephone: (403)455-6442 (local) (800)668-NIHA (toll free) Fax: (403)455-6788 E-Mail: ***Personnel*** **Mr. Peter Mireault (Executive Director NIHA Canada)** A small town Canadian boy, hockey still is, and always has been, a big part of his life. Peter brings to the NIHA a fundamental knowledge and love of hockey along with an extensive business background in finance and management from the ownership of his own business. He oversees the operation of the NIHA in Canada. **Mr. Graham Balog (Membership and Events Coordinator)** Graham recently completed a cross Canada tour as the chief clinician for the Rollerblade National In-Line Hockey Series. This was a clinic and tournament series developed to introduce recreational in-line hockey to youth in Canada. Graham has extensive experience as a player in competitive amateur sports. **Ms. Tamara McKernan (WomenM-^Rs and Special Events Coordinator)** Tamara has recently completed the requirements for her graduate degree in Sport Administration from Concordia University in Montreal. She has extensive experience in both competitive hockey and ringette as a player and a coach. Last updated 21, March, 95 by Michael J. Chow
National In-Line Hockey Association(NIHA) Publications and Newsletters NIHA Official Newsletter The NIHA publishes a monthly Canadian and American newsletter describing current issues in-and-around the sport of in-line(roller) hockey. The newsletter also keeps readers abreast of events and happenings surrounding the NIHA. First published in May of 1994, the circulation of the newsletter has grown to over 2000 the United States and 1000 in Canada. The mailing list includes NIHA league managers, provincial league coordinators, sponsors, sales and dealer representatives of in-line hockey equipment, and parks and recreation associations. One of the features of every newsletter is the Multigrain TEAM Cereal Report. The Report features a profile of specific leagues or teams across the nation. It offers an opportunity for league managers and players to promote their league or team or to profile a specific player, coach, referee, or parent. Call or e-mail the NIHA to put your name on the NIHA mailing list and stay in touch with what is going on and what is upcoming with respect to amateur in-line hockey and the NIHA. HockeyTalk - Official NIHA Magazine HockeyTalk magazine is the official NIHA membership magazine. It serves as a resource for the NIHA to communicate with its membership and is also an avenue for members to interact with other members. First published in November, 1994, the magazine is about amateur in-line(roller)hockey with an emphasis on the events, people, and teams of the NIHA. The magazine includes profiles on players, parents, coaches, referees and league managers. The magazine also features advice on purchasing equipment, team highlights and statistics, skills instruction, hockey nostalgia, the NHL, the RHI, the minor leagues, hockey cards, and a special section for kids. The magazine welcomes articles and stories from all NIHA members and encourages any photographs depicting the fun and excitement of all NIHA leagues! The magazine is published quarterly with the next issue due in March, 1995. Members receive the publication as part of their membership package but non-members can subscribe to HockeyTalk at a rate of $9.95 per year. For more information call NIHA HockeyTalk magazine at (909) 677-0464 or contact by e-mail at ( Canadian Blader The Blader is a Canadian publication which offers information on the sport of recreational in-line skating and in-line hockey. It is a bi-monthly publication and includes articles and columns from the NIHA staff offering tips on in-line hockey equipment, skills and strategies. For more info, contact the Canadian Blader at (416) 932-1311. Last updated 21, March, 95 by Michael J. Chow
National In-Line Hockey Association(NIHA) National Championships General Information The NIHA is proud to announce our first National In-Line Hockey Championships to be held in Las Vegas, Nevada. The event will take place October 19-22, 1995. The Championships will be open to anyone who is a member of an NIHA team and is playing in an NIHA sanctioned league. The NIHA is ready to lead the way in the development of in- line hockey in Canada and the United States. In establishing the rules and requirements of qualification, the NIHA is assuring every member league, team, and player a fair, yet competitive opportunity to secure a position in this exciting event. In order to be eligible for the Championships, interested Senior and Youth teams must forward a $25.00 team pre- registration deposit that is non-refundable and must accompany league registration fees. Team Divisions Teams may be same sex or co-ed in each division, except in the Senior Women Invitational (all female only). In the event of an all Women team wishing to compete in a division other than the WomenM-^Rs, the team will fall under the normal elimination guidelines. Senior (18 & 0ver) Novice - adult division for the recreational level players. Open - adult division for competition teams. Senior Novice - Team competition of inter-league and intra- league play. This division is for those members not competing in Provincial, Regional or Invitational Tournaments at higher than novice level. Normally this applies to teams with less than two years of organized play. Senior Open - Team competition is competitive in organized play at Provincial, Regional or National level. League Champions who declare their team as eligible in the Open Division must furnish proof of past competition with a minimum of 60% of the present roster playing regionally. All-Star teams will be accepted in this division with proof of association with a NIHA league and 8 intra-league games during the qualifying season. Women The Senior Women Invitational division teams are not required to fulfill the sanctioned competition qualifying factors. Interested teams must pay their per player fee (minimum 10, maximum 14) by June 30, 1995 in order to register. For pre-National elite competition, look for upcoming information with respect to developments of a womenM-^Rs elite tournament to be held at Varsity Arena in Toronto in late August. Youth Divisions Age 9 - 11 Age 12 - 14 Age 15 - 17 The Youth division will follow the above three age divisions. Players will be registered into each division dependent upon age at time of registration. All teams must be registered prior to June 1, 1995. Qualifying Season January 1, 1995 to August 31, 1995. Player registration deadline is June 1, 1995. League play must be completed with a minimum of eight (8) league sanctioned games completed to declare a league champion. The runner-ups may qualify for Regional or National eliminations based on pre-registration response rate. Sanctioned Competition There will be an 8 game minimum in Senior and Youth divisions to qualify the team champion. All qualifying games must be refereed by certified officials or they will not count as a qualifying game. The game refereeM-^Rs signature must appear on the game stat sheets and forwarded to the NIHA. All youth teams playing in Regional and National playoffs must be coached by certified coaches. Certification cards must be presented at these events. The Provincial/State League Coordinator (PLC) in your area may be available to assist in the coordination of regional tournaments. Eight Game sheets must accompany the declaration of a league champion qualified to advance to the Regional Playoffs. Filing with the NIHA is required immediately following the close of the league season. Eligibility of teams for the National Competition will require all teams to be pre-registered prior to the start of the qualifying season. Advance Competition The league champions will compete with other league champions, in inter-Provincial/State or inter-Regional play, depending on the number of teams qualified to advance. The number of leagues and teams qualified in a given area will determine the number of Regional playoffs and therefore the number of finalists allowed to advance. For example, if we have ten leagues to qualify in Southern Ontario, theoretically there will be 2 - 3 Regional playoffs held with finalists advancing. Regional Competition will include a playoff of four (4) or more leagues, with a champion team to be declared in each of the three Youth Divisions and both Senior Divisions. Skate Regulations Quad Skaters will be allowed as follows: 13 - 14 member team 4/quad skaters 11 - 12 member team 3/quad skaters 10 member team 2/quad skaters Rules of Play The official NIHA rule book will be followed. All league qualifying play will be governed by the rules of the National In-Line Hockey Association. The modification of rule 3.1 (time of match) for the Nationals will be: for Senior and WomenM-^Rs, two 22 min. running time halves with a 5 min. rest period between halves. For the Youth divisions, two (15) min. stop time halves with a 5 min. rest period between halves. Player Roster The player roster for each team at the start of qualifying play (01/95) must remain intact throughout the season with a substitution allowance of not more than 4 players during the season or prior to the finals. There is a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 14 players. Entry Fee For the National Championship team registration fee is $250. In order to qualify for the National Championships all teams will be charged a pre-registration fee of $25.00 to cover some of those costs associated with this event. Regional Competition fees will be dependent on the location of these elimination tournaments. Site Of National Championship The beautiful Cashman Field Center will allow us two indoor rinks in a 92,000 sq. ft. auditorium and a third rink outdoors in an adjacent 6,000 seat stadium. In an annex next to the Auditorium, we will show case 75 - 100 sponsor and exhibitor booths of in-line related products and services. Rink Size All three (3) rinks will be enclosed by four (4) foot boards with glass and/or nets. The dimensions of the rinks will be 85M-^R x 185M-^T. Guidelines Of The Championship Competition First Round - Round Robin in 4 team brackets, then converting to inter-bracket elimination. This would guarantee every team 3 games of competition (minimum), with 5 to 7 games to the Championship played over a period of 4 days. Officials Representative officials from throughout the United States and Canada who are certified, preferably to grade II status. For the Championship games, referees will be certified to Level II and Level III. Referee in Chief - By the Spring of 1995 an NIHA Referee in Chief will be appointed to oversee and monitor the games of qualification and the National Finals. Nominations for this position M-^SReferee in ChiefM-^T are open. We welcome your nominations. Eligibility The National In-Line Hockey Association (NIHA) was established to organize amateur roller hockey with a mandate of providing equal play in a safe, recreational environment for people of all ages. In order to maintain this during our first National Championships the NIHA has set certain guidelines to follow when determining a teams eligibility for this championship. 1. Any team that wants to participate in the National Championships must submit a $25.00 non-refundable team registration to the NIHA. This must be done prior to the beginning of league play. The team roster that is registered with the league will be registered as a team for the National Championships. Team rosters (maximum 14 players) may substitute a maximum of four players in the event of injury or team members not being able to attend. 2. Only those teams that have properly registered will be eligible to participate in the '95 National Championships regardless of league status (i.e. league champion). 3. If the number of leagues in your area permits, teams will advance through a regional/provincial championship that will be confirmed once all interested team registrations are submitted prior to the start of league play. 4. Teams failing to register for the '95 National Championships prior to the beginning of league play will nullify their eligibility to compete. 5. If there are other leagues that have teams registered for the '95 Championships in your region/province a playoff must take place to determine the regional/provincial champion who will then advance to the '95 National Championships. 6. Age categories for the Championships are 9-11, 12-14, 15-17, two adult men's divisions (novice and elite), and an adult women's division. Age is determined by the players age at date of registration. I hope this answers any questions. If you require additional information call the NIHA office anytime at 1-800-668-6442 (Canada) or 1-800-358-6442 (U.S). Last updated 8, March 95 by Graham Balog (Membership Coordinator, Canada)
National In-Line Hockey Association(NIHA) Brochures 1) About the NIHA This brochure describes the history, purpose and kinds of services that the NIHA offers its members. 2) Benefits of Membership This brochure introduces the benefits that members, member leagues as well as preferred retailers receive when affiliating with the NIHA. 3) Preferred Retailer Program This brochure describes the NIHA Preferred Retailer Program. It outlines what the Preferred Retailers receive from the NIHA, how the retailer can benefit by joining the program, and how to become a member of the program. 4) Guide to Insurance Benefits This brochure outlines the insurance plan that members of the NIHA receive. It specifies the details of the Dental Accident & General Liability Insurance program. 5) Coaching and Referee Certification Brochure is still in development. Contact an NIHA office for details on how one can become certified as a coach or a referee for the NIHA. 6) Official NIHA Rule Books All members and affiliates receive a free Official NIHA rule book which outlines specific rules for NIHA sanctioned games. It covers general rules, mandatory equipment, and penalties. Non-members can purchase a copy through an NIHA office. 7) Border Patrol This brochure describes and depicts the Border Patrol Rink System. The revolutionary new rink system is designed for in- line(roller) hockey and street hockey. The system is made of foot-high foam boards that easily fit together to turn any paved parking lot into an outdoor roller hockey rink. 10) How to Start a League This brochure outlines the duties of a League Manager and gives in-depth information on how to get a league started in your area. It details such aspects as publicity and promotion, budgeting for the your league, registering players, referees and insurance. 11) How to Organize a Tournament This brochure provides criteria on how to successfully organize and run a NIHA in-line hockey tournament. It deals with budgeting, formats, facilities, publicity and promotion, registration, officials, volunteers, community and awards. 12) Travel Discount Program All members and League Managers of the NIHA become part of the Travel Discount Program. This brochure details discount benefits with respect to air travel, car rental, hotel discounts, and long distance calling. Last updated 21, March, 95 by Michael J. Chow
National In-Line Hockey Association(NIHA) NIHA Sponsor List Sport Maska Inc.(CCM) Karhu USA/Canada, Inc. 6537 Mississauga Rd,Unit D 1200, 55th Avenue Mississauga, Ontario Lachine, Quebec L5N 1A6 H8T 3J8 (905)567-0700 (514)636-5858 Franklin Sports Inc. Ultra Wheels/First Team 17 Campanelli Pky Sports Inc. P.O.Box 508 2274 Wooldale Dr. Stoughton, MA Moundsview, MN 55112-4900 02072-0508 (612)780-4454 (617)344-1111 Rollerblade, Inc. Easton Sports USA/Canada 5101 Shady Oak Road 2290 Place Transcanadienne Minneapolis, MN 55343 Dorval, Quebec H9P 2Y5 (612)930-7000 (514)685-9880 Hyper Wheels Corporation Border Patrol 15241 Transistor Lane In-Line Sport Systems,Inc. Huntington Beach,CA 92649 821 Marquette Avenue,#2300 (714)373-3300 Minneapolis,MN 55402 (800)809-7465 Itech (Face Shield) Mission Hockey/U.S.A 87-B Boul. Brunswick 2961 West MacArthur, #213 Dollard des Ormeaux Santa Anna,CA 92704 Quebec H9B 2J5 (714)556-8856 (514)421-0224 Sport Court Inc. Black Hole (Bearings) 939 South 700 West 5101 Shady Oak Road Salt Lake City, Utah 84104 Minneapolis, MN 55343 (800)421-8112 (612)930-7000 Rolleredge Human Zoom 16 Western Industrial Dr. 2101 Midway Road Cranston, RI 02921 Carrollton,TX 75006 (401)946-4400 (214)701-0677 Viceroy Rubber & Plastics Zepter Sports IntM-^Rl 1655 Dupont Street P.O. Box 261506 Toronto, Ontario San Diego, California M6P 3T1 92196 (416)762-1111 (619)530-2083 Kryptonics, Inc. Strut Dasher Board Systems 740 South Pierce Ave. 2982 N.Cleveland Ave Louisville, CO Roseville, MN 55113 (800)766-9146 (612)628-0688 E-Z Gard Industries(Mouthguards) Greer & Associates, Inc. 9300 51st Avenue 905 Park Avenue Minneapolis, MN 55428 Minneapolis, MN, 55404 (800)848-4912, ext.4842 (612)338-6171 Hockeytalk Magazine Huron Roller Hockey School Sportstalk Publications 1 Magnolia Court 40575 California Oaks Rd #D2255 Matawan, New Jersey 07747 Murrieta, CA 92562 (908)583-0983 (800)462-7825 National Alliance for Youth Sports Projoy Sportswear Ltd. 2611 Old Okeechobee Road 530 Governors Road West Palm Beach, FL 33409 Guelph, Ontario (800)729-2057 N1K 1E3 (800)387-9499 Edge Sports(Goals) Christian Brothers, Inc. P.O. Box 30508 P.O.Box C Tuscon, Arizona 85751 Warroad, MN 56763 (602)290-0597 (218)386-1111 The EDGE Unitec(Game Time Clocks) (Hockey Stick Blade Guard) P.O. Box 277 305 North Washington Avenue Washington Mills, New York Pulaski, Virginia 24301 13479 (703)980-8201 (315)736-3967 Last updated 23, March, 95 by Michael J. Chow
National In-Line Hockey Association(NIHA)
Special Programs and Services
Organizing a League
The NIHA was formed as a organization to provide equitable, affordable, and convenient opportunities for youths and adults, males and females, to participate in the amateur sport of in-line roller hockey.

The NIHA is a grassroots, membership-driven organization that provides assistance to individuals who are interested in starting, organizing and running their own in-line roller hockey league. Typically, this a volunteer position because of the recreational nature of NIHA leagues. However, ample support and potential compensation exists for all league managers.

The first step is to find out where people are interested and are playing in-line hockey. The next step is to locate a suitable site to run your league. Empty parking lots, tennis courts, playgrounds, basketball courts, off-season ice rinks, roller rinks, and unused warehouse space all serve as appropriate in-line hockey venues.

Once a site has been chosen and you have obtained permission to use the site from the landlord or owner of the venue, you will complete NIHA sanctioning documents. All NIHA sanctioned leagues must operate in venues where the surface is appropriate and play can be conducted in a safe and secure setting.

The $250.00 sanctioning fee, due with your sanctioning documents, provides a number of benefits:

The NIHA will also lend advice on budgeting, registering players, and referee and coaching certification.

For more information, contact the NIHA in Canada at (800)668- 6442 or in the United States at (800)358-6442. Or e-mail any questions or concerns to the NIHA address below.

Preferred Retailer Program

The NIHA offers the Preferred Retailer Program for all sports retailers who are interested in establishing themselves as a local in-line hockey clubhouse.

For the store, the NIHA will provide:

For the owner of the Preferred Retailer, the NIHA provides:

How can the Preferred Retailer Benefit Your Store?

  1. Boosts Repeat Sales
  2. Increases Store Traffic
  3. Promotes Your Store
To find out about the other benefits and how to become part of the NIHA Preferred Retailer Program, contact the NIHA.

Women's Program

The NIHA has all-female sanctioned leagues in both Canada and the United States. Both adult and youth leagues exist.

Females are also encouraged to register in the many co-ed leagues that are organized.

The NIHA has Women's Program Coordinators in both Canada and the United States:

Canada - Tamara McKernan (800)668-6442
U.S. - Stacey Griffith (714)955-4929

Insurance Coverage and Benefits

The NIHA provides comprehensive liability and dental insurance for all members and league managers who participate at NIHA sanctioned sites.

Contact the NIHA for more information.

Membership Perks Package

Becoming a member of the NIHA entitles you:

-an opportunity to participate in an elimination series for
 the 1995 National Championships in Las Vegas
-a personalized membership gold card
-official NIHA water bottle
-official NIHA in-line hockey rulebook
-coupons for purchase discounts from major in-line
-custom NIHA embroidered crest
-sport stickers
-comprehensive liability insurance
-dental accident insurance
-a personalized copy of the NIHA Hockeytalk magazine every
 three months
-discount possibilities with Preferred NIHA retailers

The annual cost of becoming a member of the NIHA in Canada

Youth: $25.00
Adult: $30.00


The NIHA encourages clinics as a tool to gauge the interest of
in-line roller hockey in your area. Also, a clinic is a great
opportunity to introduce this exciting recreational sport to
youths and adults in your community. The NIHA exists to offer 
assistance or information on how and when to host a clinic.

                        Software Programs

1) NIHA Official Information Quad Media Software Diskette

This fun, educational, and interactive presentation is offered
to anyone wanting to find out more about the sport of in-line
roller hockey and the NIHA. The diskette includes information
on rules, protective gear, player equipment and league
equipment. Also, specific info on the NIHA includes an
overview on the various programs and a feature on our

Contact the NIHA at (800)668-6442 (Canada) or (800)358-6442
(U.S.) for a FREE copy of this easy to install diskette.

2) Hove Martin Software

This software is provided for all league managers to assist in
the organization of player registration, statistics, and
league and tournament scheduling.

This software is a component of the league manager package.

Organizing a Tournament

The NIHA exists to provide assistance to league managers or anyone who would like to organize an in-line roller hockey tournament.

The NIHA can provide info on budgeting, tournament format, facilities, promotion, registration, officials volunteers, community, and awards.

Call the NIHA at (800)668-6442 (Canada) or (800)358-6442 (U.S) for more info.

Referee Certification Program

The NIHA provides referee certification for league managers looking for officials or for individuals wanting to become NIHA certified in-line roller hockey referees.

The NIHA will supply league managers with a certification package including exams and answer key.

The cost to become a certified referee is $30.00.

League Manager Program

The NIHA serves as a comprehensive service provider to all NIHA league managers with respect to administration.

Each member league manager(s) receive:

For more info on starting your own in-line roller hockey league contact the NIHA at the above toll free numbers.

Coaching Certification Program

The NIHA is able to assist all league managers in the certification of coaches. All in-line hockey coaches involved in sanctioned leagues under the NIHA will be required to be certified by the National Youth Sports Coaches Association (NYSCA).

The NYSCA was created in 1981 to improve the out-of-school sports experience for over 20 million youth under the age of 16. The non-profit association=92s staff of professionals, governed by a volunteer Board of Directors, works to implement a variety of programs all in cooperation with national, state, and local associations. Local chapters of the NYSCA have been developed through parks and recreation agencies, Boys & Girls Clubs, YMCA/YWCA, church affiliated youth programs and military youth worldwide.

Contact the NIHA for more information.

Travel Discount Program

The NIHA has affiliated with US Amateur to provide all league managers with travel discounts. Every league manager receives a Travel Discount Card which can provide savings on sports related travel expenses such as car rental, hotel and phone costs.

Contact the NIHA for more information on the program.

Provincial/State League Coordinator Program

The NIHA has organized this program to provide all league managers assistance in league development, establishing tournaments and organizing special events. The NIHA has established Provincial/League Coordinators in many provinces in Canada and most regions in the United States to assist league managers with their leagues.

For information on the Provincial/State League Coordinator (PLC/SLC) in your area or if you would like to become a PLC/SLC contact the NIHA in the United States at (800)358-6442 and in Canada at (800)668-6442.


In order to curb the potential of the younger sibling(s) feeling left out, the NIHA has developed the National In-Line Kids (NIK & NIKI) program. The program provides a vehicle for the younger children, under the age of eight, to get involved in in-line roller hockey and to instill good habits for safety and fun.

This program teaches the rules of play, the need for safety equipment, and how to ultimately become responsible in-line roller hockey players. NIK and NIKI educate younger children through their fun material and promotion. Each child involved receives a junior rulebook, as well as materials outlining the required protective equipment for safe play.

The image of NIK and NIKI are animated characters in full gear. This gives children a visual image of what an in-line hockey player looks like in protective gear. They then begin to admire and imitate that particular image. The NIHA is committed to setting appropriate examples for not only the young children, but the adults involved as well. Through this program, the NIHA sends the message that every adult involved in in-line hockey as a responsibility to set positive examples and act accordingly.

For more information on the NIK and NIKI program, contact the NIHA.

Last updated 3, April, 1995 by Michael J. Chow

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