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Ever since the FAQ was started, I've gotten quite a lot emails from skaters and skaters-to-be. It's amazing how people of such diverse backgrounds, ages, and interests have all come to love inline skating. From Hong Kong to Germany, from 8 year-olds to 80 year-olds, it's nice to know that people everywhere can still come together, if only in spirit, to enjoy the same sport.

Here's what some fellow skaters have sent in:

"I just wanted you to know that I read your guide to buying in-line skates and found it very helpful. I was able to go into a store, and know something about what I was about to buy. Thanks!"

Barbara L.  

"My girlfriend and I used your Guide to Buying Inline Skates this past weekend while shopping for our first skates. It really helped us cut thru the hype and avoid making a lot of first-time buyer mistakes. If we had not read it, we probably would have bought some $50 pieces of junk, but we decided to spend a little more and get some comfort and quality.

Thanks for the work you've put into the web page. "

Mike D.  

"Just started skating......thanks to your page, my purchasing and skating experience has been most enjoyable. I can hold a decent discussion on inline related topics, haven't broken any bones, smashed into anyone on the trail or thrown my skates in the closet never to see the light of day again.

Your efforts are much appreciated. "

Roti L.  

" I really appreciate all the good work you have put in for in-line skating. Was looking around all the sites recommended by Yahoo for in-line skating but could not find something substantive or solid...until I found yours.

Not only was yours very informative,instructive,packed with full of goodness, you have something not many have - 8): HUMOUR and of it is free.

My only regret was that I am only hooked to the blade only now (Age 40) Imagaine all the fun years wasted.

Thanks a million for people like you. Keep up the good work. "

Philip H., Singapore  

" I've just recently discovered the joy of in-line skating and therefore was looking for more information about this great sport on the Internet. Then I found your site. It's great!

Not only did I found (almost) all the information I was looking for ( f.e. the Guide to buying in-line skates, etc), but I found it was written in a very clear and humorous way! I really hope you will succeed in finding a publisher for this guide. I think you should publish all the information found on your site in a booklet! Great."

Huub P., Netherlands  

" Just a quick e-mail to let you know I'm enjoying reading your stuff. I'm nearly 49, male, and a bit of a fitness fanatic. I took up in-line skating just under two years ago, as I was getting bored with cycling and power walking. Your articles are both interesting and informative. More, please!"

Gerry K., Australia  

"Nothing particular to say, except that as you've taken the trouble to write all this very useful stuff, I'd like to say thanks for doing it and making it available!"

Frank T., England  

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