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Date: March 15, 2002
Title: Rewind

Let me bring you all up to date briefly on the past 5 years or so. During the college years, staying in shape was easy and taken for granted. If you're college now, just know that it won't always be so easy 8-) After joining the ranks of the working masses, free time, especially skating free time, dwindled quite a bit.

Sitting in front of a computer at work all day, was something I loved, but it didn't do much for staying fit. I had always used computers a lot growing up and in school, but now it was also my full-time job. Heaven in many respects, but it took it's toll on my physical fitness and skating.

So day by day, and week by week, skating kept getting put off for "the weekend". But then add a few more things like having a significant other (SO), and a house or apartment to mind, those little windows of time I used to fill with skating disappeared fairly quick.

My one minor excuse that I will allow myself is that there were almost no real skate-friendly locations (like trails) where I was living and I had almost one to skate with. I actually went and bought skates for my roller-sweetie (as documented in my article ), but alas some movers decided to steal our skates during one of our moves.

So I had all these things competing for my time, and skating just kind of faded away into the background. It was always in the back of my mind, as in "I gotta get out and skate sometime", but "sometime" never came.

So what happens when you sit on your rear all day at work, and don't skate much, and you're still eating like you were before? I for one, used to eat anything and everything whenever and as much as I wanted. After all, I was young and active and burning it all off. Take away the "young" and the "active" part and all you get is a blob 8-)

My life as a blob

You never really notice it as you're becoming a blob. It sneaks up on you. You add on small bits of blob to your body over the days, weeks, months and years. A few ounces here, a few ounces there. One of my former older co-workers warned me about it. I kind of scoffed at the time. But lo and behold about 2-3 years into being in employed, 15-20 extra pounds magically appeared on me.

For most of the college life, I probably weighed in the 160-165 pound range (I'm around 5'11" or so). Now after only a few years, I was around 175-180.

But as weight would have it, my growth didn't stop there. After a few more moves, and even more years on the computer, I was starting to push 200 pounds. I didn't look fat per se, but I had a definite gut going. Sucking it in only prolongs the delusion, believe me 8-)

What you can't ignore is that your pant size creeps up. I used to wear around a 30-32 inch waist, depending on the cut. That went up to 33, 34 and eventually 35-inch sized jeans.

Waking Up

Although I was starting to despair that I'd be stuck as a blob forever, a particularly bad thing happened, which may have been for the best in the long run.

One night I got some terrible internal pains shooting through me. After a night of pain and some doctor visits, I was admitted into the hospital with what turned out to be colitis. Colitis comes in varies types, but basically it's an inflamation in your intestines, sometimes caused by an infection. Ulcers and other things can cause colitis, but in my case the culprit was food poisoning. This was likely from eating fast food just a day or so prior to my first episode.

Although I'll never know for sure, I speculate that the food poisoning was due to someone with doo-doo-hands (wash those hands with soap!) at the fast food joint, which I won't name, but the initials are BK 8-)

Anyway, this was my wake-up call, although I didn't really know it at the time. But I did resolve never to eat at BK again (which I haven't) and I swore off all fast food completely (which, with a few unavoidable exceptions I've also stuck to).

The removal of fast food grease and calories from my diet did start to help slow my increase in general blobiness. However, that's just the first step in the proverbial journey of a thousand miles.

The start of that journey is what I'll write about next column.

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