As a totally unrelated note, if you want some quick moving advice:
Pack NOW
Not just a couple days before you move. The first rule of moving is that "You always have more stuff than you think". That shelf of books will take twice as long to pack and three times as many boxes as you think it will need.

You have to pack NOW, in order to do all the following tips.

Pack your travel/moving-day stuff first.
Don't think you'll wait to pack something because "I might need it before I move". Instead pack the clothes and items you'll need for at least 2 days before the move and however many days travel during the move (if any). And add in 1-2 days after you move, because you're not likely to find what you want when everything is still in boxes. So pack at least 3-4 days worth of clothes and necessary items, plus enough for your travel.

This way, you can now pack EVERYTHING that isn't in your moving-travel kit.

Pack and move it yourself
If at all possible do it yourself. It's a lot more effort, but believe me, we've tried it all. We've hired a full pack-and-move, we've had just movers (we packed), we've done the big national franchises, and we've done the small local movers.

Only once did we stumble on a group of movers (they were local) in one town that actually did a good job, did it fairly quick and didn't overcharge. But usually it's too late, by the time you find out the movers suck.

"We're professionals" really means "We don't care, we're doing it our way".
All movers will say "but we're professionals" when you question the way they are packing your stuff, moving your stuff, or packing the truck. Just because they've been in the same job as a mover for 10 years and happen to get paid for it, doesn't make them a professional, sad to say. Some of them couldn't even spell the most basic words, when labeling our boxes. The most interesting was "Fragie" (i.e., "fragile") and "nik naks" (i.e., "knick knacks").

They'll be banging and scratching up your furniture, but "they're professionals".

The bigger movers, that provide insurance on your move, will be a little better about things, but watch out for the "it was already broken/scratched" scam. When they inventory everything that goes on to the truck, they also write down the condition of the item and location of any damage already on the item.

I found our "professional" movers marking down scratches for our brand-new (not even a few weeks old) office furniture even when there were none. When questioned, they said "We're professionals, we can see these really faint scratches on it". I'm sure they could see the emperor's new clothes too. It's obvious that they wanted to be able to move the furniture any which way, and if anything got scratched they could claim it was already scratched to begin with. Nice scam, eh?

Pack your own boxes
Get supplies from U-Haul and pack your own stuff with ample padding. This way stuff that is related gets packed together. Movers tend to get behind and then start packing anything with anything else.

If you don't pack your own stuff, you're at the mercy of other people and you have no one to blame but yourself. Crying about how someone packed your toilet cleaner with your cereal doesn't do any good after the fact.

Pack smaller boxes in larger ones
First, you don't want the small ones getting crushed. Also, it makes for a lot more boxes to move (and you might be paying per box packed/moved for big jobs). And lastly, you don't want them disappearing between your old place and your new place. Movers can't really steal a big huge box with your TV in it, but they can more easily take a small box that maybe has your jewelry or other important items in it.

Label your own boxes
Even though the movers are labeling your boxes, use sticky notes, printed labels, whatever, and add your own labels on there. Stick them on the box and tape over it completely with transparent packing tape (not scotch tape). You know what you call the "back room" or the guest room, or whatever. You know what you mean by "plastics" or "bowls" and so on. The moving guy will not label it like you think of it (not really their fault, just the nature of things).

Besides, the movers don't care if you can't find things weeks later. It's up to you to make sure you know what the labels mean so you can find stuff quickly.

Walk the truck
I can't stress this one enough. It's your belongings, you're allowed to get on the moving truck and walk every inch of it. Make sure nothing is "accidentally" left behind or covered by moving blankets.

This is how we lost my roller-sweetie's skates. They were still in their original Rollerblade box. The box was not inside another box but just by itself (our other mistake). The movers packed it in the far back of the truck. After quickly unloading, they quickly closed the truck, and I didn't know enough to get on the truck to look around. I even tipped the bastards, thinking they did a good job. They drove off as fast as they could and in hindsight it was obvious why.

It wasn't until weeks later, as we were looking for the skates, that it dawned on me what had happened.